Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Now I am at a cross road

 I really don't like the hub caps but I can always replace them at a later date

 So Nissan is standing by their $199 per month for the model S. But I have no clue as to how much down. I guess I need to walk into the dealership and do the dance (thank you Tesla for getting rid of this archaic way to sell a new car. Lets leave car salesmen where they belong... selling used cars) 

Why do I need to deal with this guy when buying new?

Anyway, my problem here is a simple one. All I want is the 6.6 charger on a 2013 Nissan Leaf S but according to what I have read and been told you cannot add anything to the S.... like a 6.6 charger or LED lights cause if you do the $199 deal goes out the electric window.
So now what I really need to do is sit down with a greasy sales man and try to make them give me the 6.6 charger and not remove the $199 per month. Only way I can see this is by telling them that you want the S at $199 and that you will... wait a minute! Why would I give away my only ammunition to make the deal? I know there is a car salesman out there reading this...
Anyway if they say no, then the lease automatically jumps to $400+! but I am ready for that. I will just say "thank you... you just lost a sale and Ford just gained one"... I will walk on over to Ford and get the Ford Fusion Energi Plugin (man that is a mouthful) How about "Fusion EPI"

I mean really? $400+ for this or the Leaf? no brainer...

Now I know each and everyone of you will raise the flag and call me on all my other posts that say I rather go all electric, and to be honest.... I do, but the numbers just don't add up here. Why would I pay $400+ for a hatchback with 80 mile range when I can get a midsize sedan with a 650 mile range, 21 of those electric. And who knows? I am sure Ford will have some deal as well, it might even be lower than $400. Just to compare the Volt was at $350. Now do I wish the Fusion had a few more electric miles under its belt like the Volt? Hell yeah.... but I have to deal with 21miles per charge the good news here is that you can drive up to 85 mph on electric (but doing this will diminish the range).... 30 would have been much much better.... Again the Volt only has 4 seats and I need 5 that is why the Volt is not on the list.

So I did my calculations and I figure that if I buy the Ford I will be filling up that tank around 5 times a year or say $400. Compare to the $5000 I spend on fuel right now. Just for fun... if the Fusion had a 30 mile electric range I would fill up the tank once a year or $80. Makes you think... Ford are you listening?

So what am I saying here... simple... Nissan, let me keep the $199 per month with the added 6.6 charger and you will have a new customer... Don't and Ford gets the sale. Sucks that I have to say it but it is the reality... But having the ford will still make me "feel" good, well Okay... maybe if I do go Ford I will change my driving habits to use less fuel. I will have to set a new goal two tanks a year!  In either case I have to wait till spring to make my choice. So stay tuned... I still have hope that Nissan will see it my way....

That is it for today... and as always... Please don't Text and Drive.
Stay safe!

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