Tuesday, April 2, 2013

KARMA I LOVE YOU! I think...

Well, today I found $15 (three $5 bills) on the street. At first I though I was being filmed on "what would you do" but I picked them up anyway. I looked around once more and no one was around to claim the cash... so I rolled it up and walked to my truck.
As I drove away I made the conscious choice to give each five dollar bill to three people in need. So far I have yet to run into anyone on the street asking for a hand out. Strange cause I usually come across one or two poor souls everyday on my drive. Either way the bills are sitting there in my cup holder ready to make someones day.
So I get home and I talked to my wife and the subject of her missing iPad (missing for 2 months now) came up. We thought about it (trust me we have torn the house inside out to find this freaken thing) and suddenly we both figure something out. The last time we saw it and the laptop together (oh did I forget to mention the laptop was MIA as well?) The answer came to us in a flash.... "The crate!" we both said. So I rush to the garage, open up the crate and under the burlap table cloth what do I find... yep you guessed it... the Laptop and iPad!!
Score one point for Karma!

I go to baseball practice with my son after I take him to Shake Shack, have a nice meal and we begin to talk about the cars dad saw today. The first one was a Tesla Model S in silver... man what a beautiful car! I want one so bad but as with most of us its outa our price range.

Then I see a Fisker... poor Fisker, Its sad to see such a beautiful car that has been plagued by so many financial issues that production has stopped.

Then I saw a yellow Lambo.... now why would you buy one of those if you can't even enjoy its true power... I guess when all you want is a quick date that is what you buy... Frankly anyone that I have met that has one of these is usually a complete a-hole, Excluding my cousin which had one but then realized he was becoming an a-hole so he sold it and got a Ferrari... now he is an a-hole with class... love you V! hahaha

Anyway, sprinkle in about a dozen 911's... out of all the sports cars out there I believe this is the best all around... great for the city, fantastic on the highway, amazing on the racetrack... a true 'drive to the track car'

Finally the ubiquitous Massarattis... or as I like to call them the usable Ferraris.

Even though all these cars passed by my windshield the only one that made an impact is the Tesla.
Now lately I have been talking to a good friend of mine that is a financial wizard... best numbers and business guy I know, and we are trying to figure out how I can get my butt into one of these. Frankly, unless I sell 100,000 of my books (out in two months here comes my plug)...

Go to www.phoenixproject-thenovel.com and enjoy the site, in two months you will be able to download my book. First 50 pages are free and if you like what you read you can buy the rest of the book for $9.99 yep! Do yourself a favor and get lost in a fun action adventure fiction novel!

Okay back to the blog...
So I get home and head on over to the computer to see what Elon Musk had to say this morning... and what do you know?
Tesla leasing! Yes! This could be my saving grace! I could become a Tesla owner! Holly Sh#t! Dreams do come true!
Score another for Karma!

Now I am giddy with excitement... what I have read is: get the 60kw (the one I want) for $500 a month!
WHAT? Only $500 a month? It can't be. I quickly jump onto Teslamotors.com and there it is... my dream car for 500 bucks a month... heck I spend $400+ a month on gas alone... I am sold!!!
But then I see something off "Explore the true cost of ownership" what is this? I say to myself...

I click and the 'truth' comes out... $500 is the projected cost after all the savings. To simplify it for you:
Cost 10% down (about $8000) I can do that
Monthly payment (ready this is what you have to write in that check book every month) $1051

So in Tesla calculation I pay $1051 per month, I used to spend $400+ on gas per month: my payment theoretically would be $651... interesting way to look at it you might say...

... and my spirt takes its first blow... not so hard of a blow, but reality hit. Owning a Tesla would cost me $500 more per month than I spend right now with my truck... ouch

Now there IS a positive spin here... they have this "what is your time worth calculator" Well, if you are a lawyer and spend $400 in gas a month and charge $615 per hour then you get the car for free (theoretically). Personally I think this is BS, but it is creative I'll give them that.
Now the big question is: can I afford this? The 'true' answer... right now, sadly I can't... But in two months maybe I could! Let see...what will give me the funds to own a Tesla? Oh yeah! Sell lots of books!
So do me a favor... wait two months... buy my book... and make me a Tesla drive... very simple equation.

As always drive safe and don't text and drive!

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