Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where have you been?

I have been in the wonderful world of green car limbo... Patiently waiting for March and the new 2013 Nissan Leaf so I can start my green car life... but in the mean time I have meetings to attend, errands to run and places to be.
For example Last Saturday I decided to do another test when I went to see Penn and Teller at the Hardrock hotel up in Hollywood. Side note Mr Penn Jillet of Penn and Teller (the tall one) drives a Nissan Leaf. It was a 67 mile round trip via Highway/turnpike traveling around 60mph average.
So if I want to gambling or to see a show... I am good to go.
On the way there I passed by the Football stadium, and now I know I can go see the Dolphins kick field goals and have more than enough juice to do a detour to the best pizza in town on the way home... Where is the best pizza? Steves Pizza on US1 and 123rd st (well close to 123rd street)

Everyday that passes I see more and more how well the Leaf will fit in my family circle...

So I decided to do some math and this is what I came up with:

My truck in all its I don't care about the environment glory

Gas Guzzeler: 

$375 Per month in gas

$4493 Per year in gas

$31,451 gas bill after seven years of ownership (no oil change, filters etc in this calculation)

Nissan Leaf:

$40 per month in electric bill (number is really around $37)

$480 Per year in electric cost

$3,360  electric bill after seven years of ownership

Now to put things into perspective

Soon to be mine

Nissan Leaf Lease

$3000 down (this number might be a bit lower they have yet to announce the exact number so I will just plug in worse case)

$199 per month

$2.388 per year

$7,164 for three years

$10,164 total cost for a 3 year lease

Lets add the cost of the electric bill in three years


Now in those three years if I where to drive my gas truck I would be spending:

$13,479 in gas

SO if I lease a leaf I will have saved $1875

Now what happens if I buy the leaf (go to bank grab 25K in $1 bills and slide the suitcase under the table) over a 7 year period?

$25,000 to purchase car (Modle S with LED lights, 6.6 charger plus tax etc including tax rebate (rough number but close)

$3,360 electric bill over 7 years

$28,360 total cost over

In gas over 7 years I will have spent:


So I would have saved:


Just imagine that... I can buy a New car and actually make money!

Drive safe, and please don't text and drive...

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