Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chevy Volt highest customer satisfaction!

You all know I am 95% an electric car kind of guy... but I am not against Hybrids either... as long as they get great mpg/mpge. When Volt first came out I was happy but not elated. Why? cause A. They should have used a diesel engine, and B. who the hell designed the battery that eats up one of the seats. Like I have mentioned before I would have been one to go forward and buy this car IF it had five seats, before the Leaf (after the true milage was disclosed. (I know shocker!)
As for the Leaf I was elated when it was first announce. Nissan was claiming a 120+ mile range until the range was cut down to 73 epa. This was a let down for me and that is why I looked at the Volt. But then Tesla came out with their work of art Model S and now I am back to full electric mode.
Anyway I was happy to read that all the Volt owners (well 92% of them) said they would buy the same car again! This is great news!
Question now is how will the Nissan Leaf do in the same survey...
Here is the article on the Volt from
Good job Chevy (and Bob Lutz for making this car happen!) keep up the great work and do me a christmas favor and get us that fiFth seat please!

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