Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tesla just brings a smile to my face...

When I went on my small quest to find and experience a Tesla Model S at the new Tesla store in Miami beach, on Lincoln mall, I ran across an interactive touchscreen that allowed one to input miles per year driven, fuel cost per gallon, and you could get a great estimate on how much you would spend per year in gas vs electric (very big difference! Lets just say electric wins). Well, I just wished the rest of the world (the unlucky ones that are not near a Tesla store) could have the same type of information.... and what do you know? here it is! Click here to take you there....

Now you can jump in on the knowledge train and test your theories against all the hoopla out there!

Here is my trip to Disney with the 60 KW doing around 65 mph average speed (which I have calculated the past to trips to Mickey's house) and 250 miles which is more than the 220 actual miles.

Yep that is only 12 min on the supercharger! Awesome... odd are that I would stop around the 150 mile range charge up 20 to 30 min as we all get crapy food in our bellies and I buy a lotto ticket then I will have an extra 150miles and we are good to go!

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