Saturday, December 1, 2012

Two big announcements from Tesla
New pricing starting January 1
Pricing for battery pack replacement

Lets start with the bad news first.... Price is going up starting January 1 by $2500. Good news is that if you order before January 1 you get the original price. So for the Model S...

$59,900 for 40 KW (150 mile range)  $52,400 after $7500 gov kick

$69,900 for 60 KW (230 mile range)  $62,400 after $7500 gov kick

$79,900 for 85 KW (300 mile range)  $72,400 after $7500 gov kick

$94,900 for 85 KW performance (300 mile range)  $87,400 after $7500 gov kick

Do we get anything for this? Well, you do get something...  12 way adjustable electric heated front seats.

And now for the fun news for those of us that like to keep our cars more than ten years... Battery pack replacement packages.

For 40 KW $8000

For 60 KW $10000

For 85 KW $12000

If you don't mind forking another 10K after 10 years of use to keep on being green then you are good to go. I kind off see this scenario with me and the Model X since I think I will pass on the car to my kids... There can also be a small amount of money to be made here by selling the old batteries... but that is yet to be determined. And don't forget that with volume comes discounts so battery packs should become much cheaper in ten years. I am guessing the price will be half of what you see here come 2022.

Lastly, a new four year 50,000 mile extended warranty joins the standard 4 year 50,000 warrenty for additional $2500

Personally I though it was going to hurt a bit more. But I am glad it was just a small punch on the shoulder....

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