Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vuoi dare un'occhiata a questo ... gli italiani stanno giocando con l'elettricità
(Will you look at this... the Italians are playing with electricity)

Ahhh... the Fiat 500e

Me likes what they have conjured up across the pond! But did you know that they are 'Loosing' money on each one of these. I believe they are making them to off set some carbon issue but hey! at least its here!!! Well here is very limited since as off this blog only Cali will enjoy this zippy 500e electric car.... nuts! You can't win them all... Price? Don't know yet...
 New to this model is the front spoiler and that 500e badge. You have to give it to the design team... almost anything that is touched by Italian car designers looks great.
 Interior... Very Italiano from 1970's. I have sat in the gas model and it is one of those rare cars that always brings a smile to my face!
Plug in!!! I love it. To be honest when Fiat said they where working on an electric version of the 500 I was a bit skeptical. I saw what happened to the Mini electric. They removed the rear seat and replaced it with a massive battery. But luckily the Italians have a bit more sense. First I thought, Oh it will be a 40 miles per charge inner city car... no way they can fit a bigger battery pack... and then they surprised me by announcing that it was going to have a 24kw pack! What? That is the same as a Nissan Leaf! but in a lighter and smaller package. Not only that but it looks like the interior has remained virtually the same! Great news!
Now drum roll please.... (Their numbers of course) 100 miles per charge city, 80 miles per charge highway... this is music to my ears... I can already hear the mandolins... I have always wanted one of these (Abrath anyone) but practicality always won out... again I need five seats, the 500 has four... Ah well you can't win them all. At least I will not suffer that much knowing that it will probably stay in Cali (unless they start selling like hot pizza) One can always dream... and I am glad the Italians dream so well... Great job guys! Now where is the racing stripe?

UPDATE well not really.... Fiat 500L (4 door)

I guess my four seat excuse is out the window... Is it me or is Fiat tring to knock and English chap (german now) off its podium.... So you guys like it? Personally I think they should stick to the Two door... But that's cause I am particular to original Italian Design... Not bad and I am sure the Abarth version will look much better just like it did on the two door...


Mini looks more the part but you also have to realize that the Mini Country man was build as a crossover SUV the Fiat 500L was built as a longer car...

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