Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wanna Tech?

Its turkey time... best time to start a blog! so here I go!
I have been told by a few of my friends that I should stop posting on face book and move toward blogging. So I have taken the first step into the blogasphere. What I'll do first is start with a few of my old posts then move forward from there.
I like to talk about all things to do with tech but I mostly concentrate on electric cars. So once in a while you will see me rant on a apple product but most of my words will be about electric things with wheels.
So sit back and enjoy my weekly thoughts....
Happy Turkey day!

So I went on the Tesla site and started to build my car. Stating price of 49K (after $7500 gov kick) with 45kw battery pack or 150 mile range but no supercharger option... so far the price is fine. Color rich chocolate brown $950, interior 
tan leather $1500, electronic package which include 7 free years of data upgrades $3500 so now I am inching up to 55K, then comes the big item: 60KW (230 miles per charge) battery... additional $10,000 plus the $2000 supercharger which allows one to charge up the car in 30 min (up to 80% from 0%) I need this since there will be supercharging stations on the Turnpike so I drive 150 miles, super charge (all supercharging is free) it in less than 30 min, while we all eat, to full and I keep going to Disney. so I am now at 67K.. ouch but still in luxury territory with BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Land Rover, etc. Then I add the $2500 to hook up my house with the chargers and I am so close to 70K I can taste it! So I add the jump seats ($1500) in the rear and final price 71K! 

So is it worth it... Absolutely! Can I do it? Absolutely not... Well, I guess I have to wait for Tesla to find a Leasing partner!
So with all said above I am still going the way of the Nissan Leaf (Unless I win the lotto!) for a three year lease... this will give me plenty of time to make and save for the model X... Now all I need from all of you, is for you to buy my book when it comes out! Your purchase will go to a great cause! saving the world one Tesla at a time!
Click the link below and go ahead and build your Tesla! Enjoy!!!

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