Monday, November 26, 2012

Ford Fusion plug-in 100 mpge?

It is a good looking car...

Well, seems like Ford wants to sprint ahead! This is really great news... well not so great for Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt... Ford has not said what the battery capacity will be but I am willing to bet its around 20 miles electric... better would be 40 miles electric to compete against the Volt.
If it does do the 40 miles electric then both the Leaf and the Volt will be looking over their shoulders. As we all know the Nissan Leaf is all electric so it will always have the 'all electric' buyers, like mua. But the Volt is a different story. The Fusion will compete directly with it. It will not only be the same 'size' but it will have one extra seat!  Which as you all know is the biggest mistake that I think Chevy made in the Volt's design.
I had the opportunity to sit in the Ford fusion Hybrid model (not the plug-in, I am not that well know as of yet ;-).) The car was well put together. It felt like you where in a protective cocoon. The typical Ford plastic was abound, but I expected that. Very comfortable...
One issue that I am not clear on is if it will be a positive one or a non issue that the car looks like all other Fusions minus the badging. Will the people that buy this car want it to be known that they are saving the earth, or do they want to be unknown and just blend in with the crowed... Mr. and Mrs. anonymous? That has yet to be determined.
I do see one really big buyer for this car though... the government. From the local inspectors to maybe the police departments. Just imagine the fuel savings. That alone might raise a few eyebrows, especial in these economic times.
So what do you guys think? I know it will be a hit in the green community, but will it be a hit for the average joe? It sure seems like that is who they are aiming for.

Check out the Ford Fusion web page link. The Hybrid is rated at 47 mpge which is really good for a mid size. I could see myself heading to Disney burning only two gallons on the way up!

Update... Just saw this... I was right on the 20 electric mile battery pack. Looks like Ford is looking to do battle with the volt! the defining factor here will be partly based on that center seat that will cost you around 3 grand since the Fusion does not get the full 7500 credit!

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Here is another update:
This one made me raise an eyebrow cause as Marcellus said to Horatio: 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark". It seems that the EPA milage numbers are wrong on the Fusion. Owners have been trying to reach the 47 mpg numbers and the closest they have reached is around 37 mpg. So what does all this mean?
Well, here is what I am thinking... clerical mistake... EPA has been a hard nut to crack to get the numbers each company puts out... like Nissan's 120 miles per charge; EPA rating 73. Tesla 300, EPA 265 and so on. So how the heck did they come up with 47 when owners can't even reach 40?
So EPA gives Ford the number 47 Ford publishes the number 47... who is wrong here? the chicken or the egg and did the egg have different numbers before the chicken did its test?
This will be interesting to see... I just hope that the numbers for the plug-in are close to what Ford claims them to be...
Check out this article... the EPA clearly certified 47 mpg rating... was Ford right to put up this number?  I have yet to find any early info on Fords claim prior to the EPA test... but I am still looking...
Stay tuned...

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