Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off to see Mickey!

My favorite place to go... it is just a magical and happy world!

Okay, we are off to Disney so I thought it would be a good time to log the trip. We will be leaving from south Miami and arriving at Downtown Disney Plaza Hotel (No its not the Plaza from New York chain) But a great hotel to stay at!
Now, I will try to post live updates but since I am driving they will only happen when the kids are screaming for me to stop to go pee or eat or buy Lotto tickets. We will be heading on the turnpike which I believe will be where Tesla will be building the Super charging stations.
I will also log in fuel. My giant truck gets around 330 miles per tank so it is perfect as a Tesla 85 KW test of fuel vs Electric! No really there is no test since the Tesla will always win in my heart!
Kids packed... car full... coffee down... dogs crying cause they want to go.... (sorry guys wish I could) ETD is set for 10 am (that is if the family can get its act together...)

94 Bucks! Ouch! As you can see I was running on fumes. Interesting note here:
This is about 8 days worth of fuel... OR a little more than 2 months running an electric car!
Now do you see why gas is eventually going the way of the Dodo bird?

See you all in a few!
Now to figure out if there is an upload app for this Blog....
Safe driving everyone!

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